Care Kitchen Outreach


On behalf of Care Kitchen Outreach, Ellen and I would like to thank you for your presence, generosity, and support at the CKO’s first Fundraiser. It was a huge success by all standards. Even the terrible weather didn’t dampen our spirits as you Donated over $10,000 to food security in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

As guests arrived and walked down the hallowed halls of what used to be the Acuff-Rose Studio, in the footsteps of Elvis and Johnny Cash, they were greeted by volunteers and taken to their table. The barn wood of the Old Studio has been repurposed to build the walls and the tables, adorned with white linen and Sage Green lanterns - a simple elegance. In the commons area, food stations with silver platters, wood trays and beautiful flowers contrasted with the Church at Avenue Souths hanging light fixtures and video screens presenting the CKO logo, echoed shades of “Old” and “New” worlds colliding.

“Hunger Has a Number” was the theme of the night and is the central focus of Care Kitchen Outreach’s Mission.  CKO is identifying the number of those living with food insecurity and reaching into those areas of need. CKO has a unique presence and powerful ministry platform to reconcile the least, the last, and the lost at our table. Once we draw people to it, we can share GOD’s Outrageous, Contagious and Courageous Love.